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About Art and Craft

 We are proud to be a part of Maine's incredible medical cannabis caregiver program. We sell direct to patients and wholesale to caregivers & caregiver stores. 
We hope the love for what we do comes through in our products.

Contact us if you'd like to see a patient or wholesale menu.

Growing Practices

sun grown, off grid, organic standards

Coming from a background in vegetable farming, we grow outdoors at our off-grid homestead using organic practices & inputs. Our farm is Certified Clean Cannabis by MOFGA, the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. This certification verifies that we follow the same practices and rigorous standards required of USDA Certified Organic crop and handling production. Learn more HERE

We use locally made compost and grow in full sun. Living mulch planted in our beds attracts beneficial insects, balances soil moisture and feeds soil microbes. Once the plants start flowering and filling out, we cover them to avoid losing trichomes to soaking rains. After harvesting & curing, our flower is hand trimmed, extracted in ice water for traditional hash and pressed into rosin. In an energy intensive industry, we strive to limit our energy use, inputs & streamline our process for greater efficiency. 

In addition to medical cannabis, we also grow Certified Organic hemp, garlic and herbs at our sister company Panorama Seeds. Learn more about our no-till hemp and garlic crop HERE. We also have a mini flint corn project that you can learn about HERE.

How we grade our rosin

The quality of the starting material & the spectrum of hash collected determines which label it recieves.




Red label, the craft grade, is made from smaller, less ripe buds which are usually a bi-product from trimming. We do not use the trim for hash, just the buds too small to trim. This grade is collected in as wide a spectrum as possible, usually 45-190 (this refers to the physical size of trichome heads that are collected on various sizes screens) 


Yellow label, our artisan grade, is made from the whole plant, including the biggest, ripest buds collected into as wide a spectrum as possible, usually 45-160. Red and yellow label are both full spectrum hash rosin but yellow tends to be the best value for the quality of all three grades. 


Black label is a narrower spectrum of the trichome heads and is our fine grade. It is also made with the whole plant including top buds but is collected on a 73-120 or 90-120 sized collection screen. The resin in these screens is more ripe and has a sharper flavor, as well as the highest potency possible.

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