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Mini Flint Corn Project

I was first drawn to grow Gaspe flint because of it's adorable tiny size, early maturation and regional significance. Named for the Gaspe peninsula in Quebec, it is said to be the northernmost location that native corn has been historically grown. The seeds obtained from John Sherck grew a beautiful crop, but there were signs of inbreeding depression due to the small genetic pool. If a variety is inbred it can loose vigor, resulting in weaker plants and less robust growth. 

In an effort to increase plant vigor while preserving the early maturing characteristics of the Gaspe, I have added in genetics from similar varieties of short season northern flint corns. The first addition was Morden another northern corn that is lighter in color and a little smaller and faster maturing than Gaspe. The following season I added Saskatoon White as the mother and pollinated it with the gaspe x morden cross. In 2022 I backcrossed the three way cross to Gaspe. The 2022 crop shows increased vigor and color variations introduced by the Saskatoon White. 

We recently learned that Gaspe is sought after as a banker crop for indoor and greenhouse cannabis operations using integrated pest management, and I have been able to supply seeds to a number of cannabis farms around the country for that purpose. 

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